Vratna (not only) by skiers!

Vrátna dolina lure tourists not only during winter but also in spring. It has much to offer definitely in every season and I would like to describe some activities and TripsTips for you. 😉

Vrátna is known as an amazing ski resort in winter and a tourist destination in summer. I had the honor to visit it during both seasons and I must say – I freaked out! 😀 Besides that it offers you an opportunity to get crazy on slope with your skis or snowboard, you can do there many other activities and find special program on some occasions, which can be found (here) on the website of the ski resort. You find there also the price list, ski slopes availability, advice or information for exampe about skipasses.

Ski resort is located in picturesque Malá Fatra mountain chain. The biggest peak in Vrátna is Chleb (3. highest peak of Malá Fatra) where can skiers or snowboarders escape from reality in Freeride zone by going on untouched soft snow blanket. But I must say that it´s the steepest slope in Slovakia. If you don´t feel like going there, I would like to recommend going on Chleb by cablecar to the top to enjoy that beautiful view! Localities like Paseky or Poludňový Grúň has less difficult slopes for people not that skilled skiers and also for families with kids. Ski resort has altogether 14 km of slopes for skiers who love adrenalin, for advanced, less advanced skiers and also for kids. There is special kids area called Kids zone where they can also sled down the hill.

Cherry on top for more persistent is cottage Chata na Grúni where you can have a rest and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can have there some snack or lunch for exampe Goulash or Halušky in summer and lie down on the loungers and get sun tan. If you use a tow in winter, you will get on the top and there will be the most magnificent view waiting on you!

Vrátna also has free parking straight at the resort, many buffets and other catering facilities and also toilets on every corner. What is an advantage is that ski resort is divided into many slopes so they are not that crowded. You must take into consideration on which day to go there because during weekends it´s more propable that ski slopes will be really crowded.

Near Vrátna are many hotels with the opportunity to have wellness for example in hotel Rozsutec. Hotel is situated in the heart of Malá Fatra and you can enjoy beautiful view during your procedures or massages thanks to big glazed windows. There is relaxing pool, hot tub, finish, steam herbal, salt and also combi sauna, cooling pool, kneipps bath and many types of massages. Hotel also offers big congress hall great for trainings, conferences or meetings with business partners. If you want more information you find it HERE.

If you don´t know what to do during beautiful sunny days and you are close to Terchová you can go on a trip on Chleb, Malý or Veľký Rozsutec or Jánošíkove diery if you like hiking. Terchová is also very known for its big statue of our Slovak national hero Juraj Jánošík, which is seen from the road so you won´t have any problem with finding it. I hope that my TripTip from Terchová and also my opinion brought you closer to the beaty of Malá Fatra and now you are thinking of going there to enjoy a new adventure! 🙂

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