Our TripTeam consists of four people from Žilina region, which are totally different but there is one hobby which brings them together and it’s TRAVELLING. We like discovering new places and getting some new experiences. TripTeam is divided to two groups with two people in each so we can bring you more of our travel stories. Some places will be visited by the first group, some by the second group and some also by the whole TripTeam. And now, let’s learn something about each of us:


Team M&M:

  • Marcela Beliančinová (Mia)

Marcela, also called Mia, is a quiet girl, who is fascinated by trips to the nature, because she comes from a small scenic village surrounded by a beautiful nature, called Horný Vadičov. When she was younger, she used to sing, dance in a folk dance group and it was a pleasure for her to look at the world from the horse back. Also, she is a very passionate reader of variety of genres but most of all the Harry Potter saga. All of this, led her to get to know different cities and regions. Now she is here to bring you her most interesting experiences and feelings from her adventures. She is the leader of M&M team.

  • Matej Jedlička (Matej)




Matt is an eloquent type of person. He comes from the city which used to be known as pearl on river Váh, from Žilina. This city is surrounded by beautiful Slovak nature and it is rich for many castles all around. Combination of these factors led him to become a tour guide in Budatín castle, what means that you can expect huge amount of historical information connected with his adventurous experiences! Although, he likes watching the world from 32 metres high tower of “his” castle, what he enjoys even more is looking at world from the clouds. He is a pilot of small planes so you can look forward to pictures from the high-angle shot.

Team MiŠ:

  • Zuzana Michalíková (Zuzka)




Zuzana, who is called Zuzka by everyone, is a humble girl who comes from village in the heart of Javorníky mountains, Kolárovice. Her biggest passion is singing in folk group because she likes keeping Slovak folk traditions and playing the piano or guitar from her early childhood. She likes to spend her free time admiring beauties of Mother Earth, no matter if it is cultural monument, museum or attraction. She can’t wait to share her extraordinary travelling stories with all of you. She is the leader of MiŠ team.






  • Petra Šenkárová (Petra)




Petra is a girl who watches the world from higher perspective. Exactly we are talking about the view from the 6th floor of her apartment building in Žilina. She is a city girl, however, she is not afraid of village environment. One of her hobbies is exploring and visiting new places in her home country – Slovakia as well as abroad. She enjoys eating delicious Slovak cuisine but most of all she find herself in taking precious and unforgettable moments on her Nikon camera. Because of that, she is the main photographer of our TripTeam. Same as Matt, she works as a tour guide in Budatín castle and it is a pleasure for her to tell you all about history and present time during your visit.