About us

Hi travelers!

We are a group of four young, and on a first sight very different people, however there is one passion which brought us together. Of course it’s travelling. This website was created in order to bring to its readers some travel tips for interesting places in Slovakia which are worth visiting. We write about well-known places which are daily visited by many tourists but also about less known places  you may have never heard of.

Although we are mainly focused on travelling around Slovakia and we want to show you that you don’t need to travel far away to see something beautiful, you can  rarely find here also some posts from our trips to foreign countries.

Together, we wish you nice reading of our posts about our adventures and we hope your next trip will be in Slovakia. In case of any question or travel tip for a place which should be visited by our TripTeam, contact us via the contact form or on our e-mail address info@tripytipy.sk. And if you want to know something more about each member of our group, visit post TripTeam.

See you in our next adventure!