You will never be bored in Terchová!

If you ask what to do or which place to visit in Terchová, the answer won´t be simple. Terchová is situated in the national park Malá Fatra, on the interface of Považie, Kysuce and Orava, in Žilina region, 25km from this city. Its nature is very rich and every lover of the nature or tourism will be delighted by several interesting tourist trails. Terchová is also recognized by its famous history because of the Slovak hero – Jánošík, who is pictured in the sign of the village. 


Terchová and nature 

1. Jánošíkove diery

Jánošíkove diery are the biggest seduction of Malá Fatra. Walking over the rivers and near many waterfalls is possible with ladders and footbridges. The track can be EASY (for families with kids) or HARDER (including reaching the top of the hill Veľký or Malý Rozsutec, that I am going to talk about later).

  • Dolné diery are the easiest part of Jánošíkove diery and they are mostly used for descent. The lower part of the nature system starts behind the hotel Diery and blue signs passes through it. At the beginning, you reach the crossroad Ostrvné and then you get to the crossroad Podžiar through some footbridges and around smaller waterfalls. That is the place where Dolné diery ends (you can continue to Horné diery from this point). This easy track can be managed also by kids and less experienced tourists.
  • Nové diery are one-way and used for ascent. You must reach the crossroad Ostrvné and then follow the yellow signs through eventualy short gorge with several very narrow places, bigger waterfalls and ladders. At the end of the crossroad, gorge turns right and by following this track, you get to the outlook and then continue to Podžiar by walking through sweet forest path. And if you are still full of energy you can get to Horné diery from this point.
  • Horné diery are the most beautiful and adventurous part of Jánošíkove diery. You find there huge amount of waterfalls, which you see from ladders and footbridges at close quarters. Horné diery are after Dolné and Nové diery and you get there from the crossroad Podžiar by following blue signs. They are one-way and for descent is used green signed path from the crossroad pod Tanečnicou through the crossroad pod Pálenicou and then to the Vrchpodžiar. It is very close back to Podžiar if you follow yellow signs and then blue signs to Dolné diery. If you are experienced tourist you can continue from Horné diery to Medzirozsutec and then go to the top of the hill Veľký or Malý Rozsutec.



2. Malý and Veľký Rozsutec

Veľký Rozsutec can be reached by many tracks. It´s up to you which one you want to choose according to the tourist map. I would like to notice that this track is a little bit harder. Steep climbing is not rare and also bad terrain difficult to overcome. Sometimes, you have to use your hands because some places are available only by chains.



The most typical is ascent from the village Štefanová, where you can get by car or bus from Žilina. Beautiful view to Malý Rozsutec, Vrátna and also to Nízke and Západné Tatry (in a good visibility) will wait for you on the top. Everything connected with planning your track is up to you but you should be prepared for difficult ascent and foot pain.


Ascent to Malý Rozsutec is less difficult but not easy. You should be prepared for chains, slippery footbridges again, but if you get over it, a meed waits for you – gorgeous view on the beautiful nature. Malý Rozsutec is not typical because of its shape. You can get there also from Jánošíkove diery, maybe that is the reason why it attracts so many tourists. Again, the best decision is to get there from Štefanová.


Šútovský waterfall

Šútovský waterfall is the biggest in Malá Fatra. Its height is 38 metres. You can get there from the village Štefanová by following blue tourist sign or using the opposite way from Cottage pod Chlebom around Mojžišové pramene.




Another tourist trails:

  • Zbojnícky chodník
  • Náučný chodník Jánošíkovým chotárom
  • Veľký Kriváň
  • Chleb
  • Poludňový Grúň
  • Boboty
  • Sokolie
  • Stoh
  • Kraviarske


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