Trip to city called ,,Little Rome” – welcome to Trnava!

Hello to all passionate travellers out there who don’t mind long and tiring journeys.

Today, we are heading to the west to visit the seventh largest city in our country – Trnava!

In the past Trnava belonged to one of the most important centres of Roman Catholic archbishopric and that’s the reason why you can find so many churches here. Throughout the years, Trnava gained lots of nicknames and the most popular ones are for example: ,,Slovak Rome” or ,,Little Rome”.

Me and my friends continued our holiday adventure and decided that Trnava should be the city of our next destination. So come and have a look with me to some nice places which every tourist have to visit. Of course, I won’t dissapoint you, neither today! After such a long journey spent in train we know that the best reward is always a delicious cup of coffee. If you want to give your sightseeing trip a break to have a drink in a local café, don’t stop reading. I prepared another TripTip only for you!

Trnava is known because of its main square. Its dominance is renaissance Town Tower with height around 60 metres. Town Tower hides rare clock machine inside. If you manage to walk 143 stairs you will be provided with a spectacular panoramatic view of surroundings.

The entrance fee to Town Tower is 3 € for an adult and 2€ for student.

For more information visit this page, where you can also find the schedule of opening hours.

Opposite the Town Tower you can be impressed by the baroque The Holy Trinity Sculptural Group. Its author is very talented Johann Christopher Khien.

If any of kind problem occured during your trip or you wanted to wider your knowledge about Trnava don’t hesitate to contact their tourist information centre on Trojičné square.  🙂

Citizens of Trnava can be really proud of the 9 metres long sign #Trnava which is a very popular attraction for exciting tourists who are eager to take millions of pictures in front of it.  The main motive of this creative idea is to express companionship and citizenship to your city. Each letter was painted by young artists and designers. Unfortunately, when we came to Trnava, letters had been already gone so we couldn’t take any photos 🙁 Let’s hope we will see them another time with a new design!

As I told you before, Trnava is full of magnificent churches (for example: st John the Baptist Cathedral, the oldest church of st Mikuláš or the church of st Anne). After seeing breathtaking views from the Town Tower, we decided it was time to refresh in a local coffee bar named Thalmainer.

Finding best restaurants, popular cafés in cities before leaving to visit them is my latest tradition. Don’t really know why but I forgot to do so this time and at the end of the day I was really glad because I got to discover it by myself.

Thalmeiner caught my attention immediately and not only because of its extraordinary name. After our trip I googled some information about it and found quite interesting facts I would like to share with you.

When we entered the café I was filled with the atmosphere of past and history. Thanks to historical interior inside the café all of us felt like actors filming The Great Gatsby. Interesting fact about Thalmeiner is that it has been part of Trnava literally since “forever”. Café was called differently during that time and changed lots of headings. At the beginning it was known as café Othon which was later renamed to Europe or Krym. But according to local inhabitants, they always called it ,,Thailmer” or ,,U Taliho”.

Thalmeiner soon became favourite place to set meetings and sessions with lots of personalities of pre-war and inter-war Trnava. I have to admit that we felt the charm of Thalmeiner too and have to come back here again during our next trip. Except delicious coffee, they offer yummy cakes and breakfast that are still left for us to taste.

After visiting legendary Thalmeiner coffee bar, it was time for us to go back home. Trnava left me fascinated by its rich history. I definitely have to go back someday and visit Smolenice castle which is located only couple of kilometres away.


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