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In the last couple of days the weather is unrecognizable. We made some changes in our wardrobes, there is still light outside after 5  p.m. and the sun is making our journey by train, bus or car little more pleasing. It indicates only one thing. Spring is round the corner. But what does it mean for us, enthusiastic travellers? Lots of trips, trips, trips and trips.

In this article, I am going to share with you my idea for a trip to Lednice in Czech republic. In region Břeclav is a cultural- natural landscape complex called Lednice – Valtice Cultural Landscape. Lednice- Valtice Cultural Landscape was registered in the list of monuments by UNESCO. Tourists can find here lots of beautiful monuments such as the charming castle Lednice, Minaret, John Burg, Hunting Lodge and many more. Today, I’ll discuss mostly castle Lednice, Minaret and John Burg which I visited with my family last summer. People can visit this place from March (9:00 –  16:00). In summer, opening hours are longer ( 9:00 – 17:00). If you don’t want to wait till holidays, extended weekend spent in this place is a choice you won’t regret!

Lednice castle

First of all, I will introduce you a monument which left me breathless. That’s the castle Lednice which was previously mentioned. Words cannot describe the feeling I had when we entered the complex. I really felt like in a fairy-tale. What I admired the most was the architecture. We were curious to see the interior of castle and hoped it would look as good as the outside. We bought the basic tour which includes the entrance hall, the Hunting room, the bathroom, the hallway, the dining hall and many more. The tour lasted around 50 minutes and the admission cost 200 Kč for adult, 140 Kč for children from 6-18 years. If you want to know more information about admission ticket prices click here.

Lednice – Valtice Cultural Landscape is packed with foreign and local tourists during summer holidays. When we came to the cash desk an incredibly long que had already been waiting for us. That’s why we missed the tour at 13:00. It wasn’t that bad after all because we realized there are plenty of other places we can visit. One of them is Minaret or John Burg. Little tip for you: enjoy free time in beautiful parks, walk around the complex, take pictures with your family while you’re waiting for the tour. The time will pass quicker and you won’t even realize it.


Minaret is located in park Lednice around 2 km northerly from castle. You can easily get there by boat cruise or simply take a long walk. We walked our way to Minaret and it took us approximately half an hour. On the way back we wanted to try the boat cruise down the river Dyje. Lovers of riding horses can choose another option. Lednice – Valtice Cultural Landscape offers all visitors the option of carriage rides. It is a wonderful way to view its beauties from the horseback.

One – way cruise – adults: 

  • castle Lednice – Minaret 150 Kč (5,82€)
  • Minaret – John Burg 180 Kč (6,98€)

To see the exact departure times of cruises and other information about discounted admission, check out this website.

Minaret is an unusual architectonical construction build by Alois Josef I. at the turn of the 18th and 19th century. What is very interesting about this building is that it’s the oldest lookout tower in Czech republic and being almost 60 meters high it is also one of the tallest minarets in Europe. Now, I want to remind all people who are afraid of heights – Minaret won’t be your cup of tea. To get to top you have to overcome 302 stairs and let me tell you some tourists really gave up after couple of floors. They were not only bothered by the number of stairs but also by the increasing height under them. Even the two men in our family – my father and brother ended up in the middle and only me and my mum continued to the top. I hope that the height and number of stairs won’t terrify you because the view afterwards is definitely worth it! Fingers crossed for you!! In present, Minaret is used as lookout tower from where you can see the whole complex.

John Burg

Unforunately, we didn’t manage to visit the unique John Burg. I recommend you to hit the road early in the morning to avoid long ques, buy tickets for tour of the castle, after tour go see Minaret and at the end take a boat all the way to John Burg. During summer months lots of excited tourists come to Lednice. That’s why we were out of time and weren’t able to visit everything. Be aware that the last cruise from Minaret is at 16:00. To be honest, I was very disappointed because according to photos this Burg looks really amazing and unusual. We’ve already decided to come back next time. This time we’ll hopefully be able to see the John Burg too.

Despite that we haven’t visited the burg I still wanted to include this monument in article so I asked my good friend Natally (who happened to be here last summer too) to send me some photos and write you couple of words from her own experience.

“There’s quite a long walk through forest to castle but it is still worth visiting. John Burg is surrounded by water so you can buy tickets for a boat cruise and just enjoy the remarkable views. Of course I had to try it! This place definitely amazed me and I would like to come back some day. I highly recommend!”

I really hope you gained some inspiration from this post and it will help you with planning another adventure!

I wish all of you to spent these following sunny days with your loved ones in nature or on trips.

Bye for now but see you very soon with another article!

with love, Peťa

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