Apps that will make your Trip easier!

Are you fed up with waiting on a train that has a 50 minute delay and in the end it didn´t even come?  Are you fed up with full buses in which people are falling down when the driver brakes suddenly?  Do you like piece, comfort and punctuality? So you should continue reading this article and you will find the ways how to make travelling easier and how to get to your trip destination on time!

This is the modern century full of technologies which are making everything easier. Even travelling. The only thing you need is a smartphone with connection to the internet and some very useful applications. I would like to present you some of them. 

1. Taxify

This app has its basis in its name.

Taxify = Taxi For You. 

Using this free application is very simple. You will have to connect it to your facebook account and type your e-mail or your name and surname at the beginning. The second step is to enter the code which you will get in the message and also the card number. You don´t have to be worry about that. Application has been checked and verified by many users and the card number has never ever been misused. It is necessary to enter it because the payments are realized through the app via cashless payment. These steps are the key to using of app. Now the slogan is – Tap a button, get a ride. All you have to do is to enter the place of collecting and the place where you want to go. Taxify will find an available taxi and now you can get to know some new TripTip.

In the past some problems with this application occured. The real licensed taxi drivers didn´t like the aim of an idea which was to allow to common drivers to make money from transporting people by their cars under the fulfilment of some conditions. Even the Association of concession taxi drivers complained in February to the Country Court in Bratislava about the application. They wanted to stop the activity of Taxify because of nonfulfilment of some requests about the conditions of cars and the services that are written in Road Traffic Act. The complain was rejected after evaluation of arguments and validations.

2. BlaBlaCar

Another application very similar to Taxify. The slogan is: Drive together – travel without worries. Only thing I would be worry about is if the driver is really reliable and decent. But there is always a rating that will persuade you not to make worries. Every driver has his/her own profile with short description and also valuation from passengers, who have already travelled with the driver. Prices are really good. When will you get from Žilina to Bratislava for only 7€? You sit in a piece, comfort and in the warm or you can get to know new people, make a new friendship, get to know people from all around Slovakia. Registration to this app is descriped in these three steps. You can log in by your facebook account or e-mail. You enter your telephone number, get the code and enter it in the next step. Now you can enter the place of collectiong, place you want to get to, date and the time. BlaBlacar will sometimes find many options but is only your decision which one you choose. The last step is to agree on some conditions with driver and don´t be late! 🙂


3. MapsMe

Application or a navigation with one big advantage – can be used offline. Everything has its pros and cons unfortunately. If you want to download the app, you must have enough free space on your mobile. Maps of the cities are downloaded according to your request. Do you want to make a trip to Lodnon? Map of London can be downloaded easily and you travel without any complications. I have a personal experience with this app. It always works perfectly offline. The only disadvantage was that I had to make a space before the downloading. The app will show you the shortest way and actually you can choose the type of the means of transport. You can go by feet, by bus, train, underground or city transport. It will take into consideration the needed time for getting on the place you want or the needed time for getting on a bus stop. For me, it is a top application usable in foreign countries.

4. Moovit

I have to confess the fact that I don´t know if this app works here in Slovakia. I was using it with my TripTeam partner Peťa in London. You need a connection to internet, what can be a disadvantage, but you don´t need space for it. It works similar as MapsMe. You enter the place from you are starting and the aim of your journey. The app will choose the best options. If you don´t like it, you can change any step of your journey. So you have a plan of your journey made perfectly for you!


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