Sooo beautiful, but unknown…..

I was talking about the beauties of nature in Súľov in the previous article and I promised you another one. Today, I am back with our interesting TripTip!

I hope you are curious and you like brain-teasers. Now, I am going to introduce you one magical place. It is maby guite cold, dark and wet, but still very beautiful. At first, I would like to explain you, how I found this place.  

Everybody in these days are addict to the social medias. One of them is Instagram. I was scrollig my home page full of Instagram influencers one evening and I saw one photo with big text “Forget on crowded places and expensive entrance fee. 15 places in Slovakia in the nature where you can hide from warm weather.” Do you know wchich place I am going to tell about? No? I would like to leave you on tenterhooks for a while. When I opened that photo, I found one place near my hometown, specifically in Súľov. I knew immediately that I really have to go there. Everything I had to do was to find a good partner and trip was expecting. 

This time, I had to replace my bike for a car of my good friend. Honestly, I was really thankful for that at the end. Ascent to this place wasn´t very hard but weather made it a bit harder. Word for word. At first, 30 degrees above zero and no dry place on our bodies, then cold shower. We came to the restaurant “Koliba” where we left the car and we start our hike from that point. We were confused because we didn´t know, which way to go, but we asked some tourist for help. It was approximately 50-60 minutes long walk in the forest from the restaurant. When we were close to our destination, the surface was a bit steeper and steeper. Dry leaves and slippery rocks didn´t make it easier but handles, chains and ladders were very helpful. We climbed to the heart of a small stunning cave.

Yes, exactly. In Súľov is places small, not very known cave. It has several names, I don´t even know, which one sounds better. Jánošík cave, Dragon gap, Kite hole. Actually, it is really something like a gap, crack, or a hollow place in the rock with a big access hole. The name Dragon gap refer to a legend about a dragon that used to live there. This cave has free access and it became a national natural monument. During our visitation were walls and the top of the cave moss-grown and everything around was so shiny. Only one negative was that the ground was very slippery because of the grit gravel. We had to be very careful when we were going out of the cave. We made there several pictures and we were watching the gorgeous view. The dark inside of the cave was in contrast to the greenness all around. I felt calm and also the visitors acted like they came to a holy place. When I realized that it is a special archeological site, I felt a bit extra. Archeologists found there ashes and bones of a cave-bear and also some parts of an old civilization from the Stone Age. 


Dragon cave and its beautiful surrounding has a special charm during every season and every of them makes this place look different but still stunning. Which one of them will you choose for the visitation?


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