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Hello readers! This new article will be whole about… guess what! 😀 Yes, about Prague, about beautiful places here, about food and much more. I was there in April, before Easter. It was for me the first time here. I hope, all of you will find there something that you like! Prague is known as a historical town with plenty of monuments. There are churches, manor-houses, castles, historical buildings, museums and the best for me – BEER! 😀 And I can´t forget to mention – TRDELNÍK. But let´s stop here, because I want to describe everything gradually. Here we go! 😛 

1. John Lennon wall

This wall was considered as a ´wailing wall´ during the communist times. People used to write there everything what was on their minds. For example love poems, opinions on the regime at that times, but communist didn´t accept it and the wall has been repainted white many times. The name John Lennon wall wasn´t given for no reason. After the death of a worldwide known singer and a member of group The Beatles was found a symbolic tombstone on the wall and people put there candles, flowers and gifts. Then people started to write on the wall new words connected with the songs of The Beatles. The wall is special because it is not the same everyday. It changes because there are still new and new paintings and poems. You will find it near the Charles bridge and there is also a pub – John Lennon Pub.


2. Charles bridge

In mi opinion, the most beautiful bridge in Prague. His unique feature is that on the sides of the bridge are statues of saints. You might didn´t know but trip to Prague can bring you luck. If you see tourists furiously stroking the statue of Ján Nepomucký, you should stand on the line of tourists and do the same thing. Ján Nepomucký will bring you luck! The whole bridge is decorated with 30 statues and bounded with 3 towers. You will see here many street artists, singers, groups and you can also get your own portrait. Of course, not for free. 😀 I´ve read that the main grounding was ´built´ by Charles IV.  And something speacial at the end…. The bridge construction was made of unconvenional materials as milk, vine, beer, blood, urine, sugar and cheese. Yum! 😀


3. Trdelník in Prague

Trdelník here, trdelník there. You will find them on every corner. With ice cream, fruit, nutella or with special flavors as oreo, snickers and so on. But pay attention where you are buying it. I tasted two types of them. One with strawberries and cream. Cream was like fake and I got just 3 strawberries and the paste didn´t taste like fresh. The other one was from Good Food, which I trully recommend. It was all pink and really tasty. You´ll see!

4. Petřín lookout tower

Eiffel Tower in Prague? Everything is possible my dear readers! 🙂 Lookout tower is imitation of a real well-known Eiffel Tower in Paris. Petřín lookout tower was built 2 years after the Eiffel Tower. It is situated on the hill Petřín and you can get there on your foot or by a rack railway for just 150 Kč or 60 Kč if you are a student. The view will definitely amaze you! In the middle of the lookout tower is hidden an elevator if you don´t have a courage to walk on 299 steps.

If you think that you will get on the top of the tower and that´s it, you are completely wrong! Near the lookout tower is also a mirror labyrinth. It looks like a small castle but it is endless inside and full of loud laugh. The entrace ticket is for 75 Kč for adults and 55 Kč for students.

Then you find there Astrological observatory of Štefánik, church of st. Vavrinec, Hunger wall that is named after a legend when Karel IV. provided for his nation food during famine.

Petřín is also know as a paradise of lovers. It is said you cannot find better place for kissing and showing love then here, up on the Petřín hill. Beautiful surrounding is full of trees, statues, paths and gardens. I think 2 hours won´t be enough time for you to explore everything.

More information here—–>

5. oooh I´m dying for that Czech beer! 🙂

Lan of beer. This is the most suitable word for the Czech republic. The beer is exported to countries as Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, England or Russia. Together it´s more than 73 countries all around the world. There are sooo many types that you won´t be able to choose one because the motto of Czechs is “beer makes the best figure”. I recommend for the clasics brands as Pilsner Urquell, Gambrinus, Velkopopovický kozel or Radegast. You can try also special types with flavour of cherries or plums for example Bernard – my love!

I would like to recommend you also bath at a beer spa in Prague. You won´t only get relaxed but you can get also unlimited comsumation of beer during some procedures. More information here

6. National theatre in Prague

It belongs to the most important architectonic and cultural monuments of Czech republic. For its construction was made a nationwide collection. Also Austrian empire, russian tsar and czech noblemen donated to help with the construction. During the first grand opening was played an opera ´Libuša´ by Bedřich Smetana but lightning caused fire which destroyed the most of the building. Nation again helped, collected money and repaired the destroyed parts. After reconstruction was theatre opened at the end of 1883 again during the opera ´Libuša´.  I felt here as a princess at the ball in opera. Golden walls, beautiful decorations, lightnings and the dominant was breathtaking chandelier. I have never seen something like this! :O

7. Powder tower, Old town square, Astronomical clock

During a walk to the heart of the city, which is Old town square, you won´t definitely miss enormous gotic powder tower. It is an entrance to Old town and its name is because it was used as a stock for gunpowder. There is everything on Old town square. EVERYTHING! From restaurants, trdelník, ice cream, souvenirs, historical buildings and also Prague astronomical clock. You will see also the Chocolate museum (Choco-Story-Prague), Sex machines museum, Apple museum, Museum of Czech beer and also many many small shops with sweets and souvenirs. We also met an enormous panda bear.

8. Restaurant, in which you will be served by a robot

Its unbelievable, but in Prague was opened the first place in Europe where a robot serves drinks! I am so sad that I couldn´t visit this brand new restaurant with tavern but I would like to write something about it. If you lead to stop Nove Butovice, you will find a place where a robotic arm will pour a drink for you. This remarkably place is special for its unusual area and amazing atmosphere. The building reminds a head and body of a dog but also a spaceship. You just have to order something with an app and the robot will serve you very quickly. HOW SIMPLE! 🙂

I did my best to give you as much tips as possible, but if you want more, or you know some other TripTip that I forgot to mention, leave a comment. Thank you very much and enjoy your trip to Prague! 🙂

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