To the skies on Vápeč

Have you ever been walking around the upper Považie and watching the beautiful nature everywhere? Have you noticed the vast basins, valleys, hills and forests through which our longest river Váh flows? Between the trees of the beautiful Slovak nature a brook rushes, in the forest wild animals play and above the greenery sun rays shine from behind the clouds. But where do you best enjoy the beauty of a diverse country? Obviously, at an altitude of 956 meters above sea level!

For today’s TripTip we have gone into nature. We visited mountain chain Strážov Mountainsm, located in the Trenčín region and have gone to the ascent to Vápeč mountain. We went to Horná Poruba by car, where our journey to the clouds starts. For us it started from the parking lot next to an elementary school, and there is a path from this point to the top. You can also take a bus to this picturesque village. It means you’ll have to spend some time by studying bus schedules, but trust me, it’ll be worth it. Well, probably there will be some sweat, drudgery and self-denial, but don’t let it discourage you!

To Horná Poruba and beyond

Your first orientation point will be probably Ilava, located near Dubnica nad Váhom. All you have to do is get on the bus and get to the Horná Poruba. And there it starts. This tour does not take you a lot of time and we would say that it is suitable for people who have little experience with hiking, or just want to start with it.

We started moving slowly and we were ready for our little ascent to this roof of the Strážov Mountains. Coincidentally, we set out exactly at 5pm, so at the end you will learn the exact duration of the tour. We started out of the parking lot, walked past the school and walked slowly up the slight slope along the path. After a while we passed a meadow, which gave us a beautiful view of an idyll consisting of 50 shades of green with a blue sky covered with clouds over it. It was a sign that we are going just right and already at the foot of Vápeč we could observe the enchanting Slovak nature.

Where the car can’t, the path will help

As we walked, we noticed one interesting thing at the beginning, which was the terrain under our feet. It was a strange arrangement, or rather an unusual structure of stone, which was lined with a path to the woods. Its shape could be compared to a sandwich with very many layers. The flat and sharp stones stacked on each other looked fascinating and their structure was exotic, as if we were in the American Grand Canyon. If you know what caused this unusual structure, you can write us in the comments or send a message, we will be happy to learn something new!

The road to the mountains is very variable. In some places, the climb turns into a walk. Even later we encountered a makeshift staircase! As time went by we walked through the dense but also through the mild forest. When you climb up, you can also refresh yourself with water from a well, which is located approximately half way. The footpath is winding, but you can enjoy a nice view of the various places where the vegetation is shorter even while traveling up. In about two thirds of the way, you can stop for a moment, sit on the edge of the rock and enjoy a fabulous view of the valley. From this point, it’s only about a quarter of an hour for your desired goal.

Touch the ski!

We are slowly approaching the very top. We have reached the level of the tree tops, between which rocks are already being exposed. The path led us to the first imaginary floor of the top. Outside there’s the visitor’s book and the sign Vápeč under the wooden roof, from which you will learn that you are just 956 meters above sea level and there is also a small rocky outcropping nearby. When you stand on it, you will discover another beautiful view in front of you. But no, it still isn’t the one we are looking for. We still need to climb the last few meters to the very top. So let’s do it!

After 1 hour and 6 minutes of hike we climbed to the top of the hill, there was a huge cross in front of us, spreading its shoulders above the wide Považie. And here, right here, you can finally breathe deeply and absorb the little success you have achieved. It is time to let the thoughts flow and to be absorbed in the perception of the wide Považie. In the valley below you stretches a village surrounded by picturesque meadows and woods, above the basins proudly boast the Slovak mountains and above them shine delicate and golden sunbeams, which through the clouds illuminate the rocky peak of the mountain Vápeč. You may not have conquered Chopok, Kriváň or Gerlach peak, but believe us that the view and nature around is no worse!

You just reached the very top of the mountain, but we can take you even higher, to the skies! Považie basins look beautiful and magical from this hill, but ask yourself: “How beautiful does Vápeč look from the ski?” The answer to this question can be found by looking at a photo below, which was made exclusively for TripyTipy fans and captures this majestic hill from the plane!

View on Vápeč from an aircraft


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