The best burgers and hot chocolate only in Liptovský Mikuláš!

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Today´s new article will be directed especially for those who like to visit lots of new restaurants and trying out new specialities. In this article I will present you 2 amazing restaurants which we went to during our visit in Liptovský Mikuláš. 

Firstly, I would like to recommend you café called CaffeIn coffe&wine. We went here immediately after visiting gallery Ilusia. Big advantage is the fact that this caffeteria is located right next to the gallery of optical illusions. After fun time in the gallery, you can easily enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate that is very popular between customers in winter. Me and my friends took the chance and headed right to CaffeIn instead of looking around city for other café bars.

Each member of our TripTeam ordered something different so that we could tell our opinions to each other and made sure we tasted the majority of the offered menu. Matej and Mia tried hot chocolate. According to what they said – it literally tasted like heaven 😀 Zuzka ordered traditional coffe latte and I tried the speciality I have never heard about – hot lemonade. I must say I was very surprised. If you don’t exactly want classic fruit tea, you should definitely try this alternative. Hot lemonade will heat you up during frosty days and it is very similar to drink called hot apple. This interesting combination was completed by cinnnamon and pieces of fruit. Our order convinced us that we picked a wonderful caffeteria and we will definitely come here again next time!

What I liked the most was the interior of the café. For me (lover of photography and design) is important that the restaurant or any kind of company I go to is nicely decorated. While drinking my caffee or lemonade I want to feel comfortable. I like when café is decorated with some seasonal decor as well. CaféIn didn´t disappoint me. Cute little decorations, for example: christmas reindeer and Santa Claus, created the cozy atmosphere.

And when the snow melts and cold temperatures go away, you can enjoy a cup of coffee on special terrace outside.

Finally, I would like to point out that CaffeeIn is a non-smoking café, which offers one of the best brands of caffee – Hausbrandt, quality brands of Slovak wines and tasty cakes. The most interesting thing about CaffeIn is that they try to organize various concerts from time to time. Matěj Vávra, competitor in Slovak version of famous competition X factor performed here in 2015. Year later, CaffeIn welcomed Barbora Hazuchová and in 2018 visitors could enjoy christmas party with dj pablik!

At the end I would like to add my rating of CaffeIN.


  • acceptable prices
  • interesting menu of hot lemonades
  • terrace
  • musical events




Despite that caffee was delicious, we were still very hungry afterwards and had to find a restaurant, which wasn’t too expensive. The day before I found online lots of positive reactions from satisfied customers  about Restart Burger. I adore burgers so this restaurant caught my attention immediately. I informed my travel partners and persuaded them to go here for lunch. Online reviews didn’t lie. We 100% agree that burgers in Restart are the best in Liptovský Mikuláš! (I am not afraid to say that even the best in Slovakia) but I will mention this later on.

Each one of us ordered different kind of burger so that we could try more things at the same time. I tried burger which belongs to the restaurant’s specialities and is the most popular among customers. I couldn’t decide between NY Burger and Restart Burger who looked very good too but eventually NY Burger won. Zuzka´s choice was Classic Burger. Matej and Mia ordered Crispy Burger with chicken meat in special crunchy musli crouton! Also, we’ve got thinly sliced roasted american potatoes instead of classic fries. It surprised us a bit because most restaurants serve salads or fries as a side dish. I am not really a fan of fries so this second option made me very happy.

Prizes are moving within a range from 6,25 – 8,75 €. Some of you are maybe thinking that the prizes are too high but I think they aren´t at all. When talking about burgers these kind of prizes are common in comparison to other restaurants.

Happy but very hungry Zuzka who is ready to taste her burger 🙂

I have nothing but nice words to staff of Restart Burger who were truly bright, funny and kind to us. Because of their pure energy and happiness from work, we felt good and satisfied. Restart Burger works from 2013 and has 3 offshore operations already. The first one is in Poprad and other two in Liptovský Mikuláš and Košice. Each one is specific and different in some way. Their biggest specialities are maily burgers but the staff recommended us chicken wings, which we still have to try.

During our visit in Restart Burger, we learned something about the history behind this restaurant. Owners of Restart Burger are 2 brothers who went to gain experiences and inspiration to America. After they returned home, they founded this restaurant. If you still hesitate to visit Restart Burger, the next information will definitely convince you! Cooks are creating their own dressings here!


People visit this restaurant mainly during evening and the capacity is for around 70 people. If you don’t want to risk having no place, book your table by phone or on their webpage


My rating of Restart Burger:

  • the best burger in town
  • homemade dressings
  • nice and helpful staff
  • beautiful facilities and decorations that fill up entire interior of restaurant

I really cannot find anything that would somehow make my visit unpleasant which is great because it is quite rare these days. What else can I say? Liptovský Mikuláš surprised us not only with its history and interesting attractions but also with nice restaurants and caffés. 

Last but not least, I would like to say a huge thank you to Michaela Bendová – the manager of Restart Burger in Liptovský Mikuláš for her time. You told us lots of interesting information, which I could use in my article and share them with our readers. 

And now …. it is your turn dear readers. Have you ever been to Liptovský Mikuláš? If your answer is yes, have you been to these restaurants? What was your first impression? Don’t forget to tell us YOUR favourite restaurants and café bars down in the comments.

Bye for now!

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