Short one – day trip to Rajecké Teplice

Hello everybody!

I send greetings to all lovers of relax and good food. I am back after couple of days with a new article. What am I going to recommend to you today? A beautiful town called Rajecké Teplice, which is located only a few minutes from Žilina. I have to admit that I visit this place very often. Mostly during summer holidays. Its one of my favourite places in Žilina and I will immediately tell you some reasons why. 😉

  1. The first reason is definitely marvellous Swan lake. This lake is situated only couple of metres away from the station. People can walk around the lake, sit on a bench, have a rest and meditate in nature. At least for me it is a wonderful place for a first date <3. If the weather is nice and sunny you can rent a boat.

2. Rajecké Teplice is not nicknamed “Spa Town” just for fun. During your journey from station you will see beautiful and luxurious Hotel Aphrodite where you can relax in spa and sauna. If you are not feeling well you can order a one hour massage after which you will feel like a reborn person. Batching in thermal pools SPA APHRODITE is literally and experience of its own. I visited this spa twice and despite the quite a high price (at least for us students) I didn’t regret spending the money because it was an unforgettable experience, something new and different. Thanks to the architecture you will feel like you are in Greece not in Slovakia. Look at the pictures and you will see.

Me and my friend bought 2 hour entrance for 19 € (without the possibly of using sauna world) and the time was absolutely enough for us. This spa resort doesn’t include any attractions in form of water slides so 2 hours were satisfactory for our relaxation.

Hotel Aphrodite

3. I don’t want to forget to mention the restaurant Encián where we went to after long walk and hard-working swimming. Restaurant Encián has a breathtaking design and very calm surroundings. Like real Slovaks we ordered traditional halušky with bryndza and bacon. It was a great choice because they were absolutely delicious! For a drink we ordered refreshing fruit lemonade. We were satisfied with the staff too. The dish cost around 10 €, which is a suitable price for a good restaurant with quality employees.


4. If you want to choose cheaper alternative you can go to Laura or Veronika (which located in Rajec) aquapark instead of spending lot of money in SPA Aphrodite. Do you have your own snacks with you and you are looking for some kind of refreshment during these hot days? That’s okay! There are lots of ice cream and cake shops, which you can visit.







Museum of transport

5. Lovers of history and transport – this next TripTip from us is designed especially for you! After you get off the train you can visit this museum full of interesting exposures, which will make not only your children happy. It is situated right in the train station so you definitely won’t miss it.




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