Lietava Castle – a trip that started quite normally

Hello, dear travellers! Today I am here with a new and unusual article. The main reason I used the word “unusual” is that I am not an active tourist, and therefore you usually can’t expect an article from me that has something to do with tourism. But today is different, and I decided to go for a hike to Lietava Castle. In this article, I will share my experience with you and show you the mistakes WE made on this trip so that YOU can avoid them.

How to get to Lietava Castle?

You can start your ascent from two villages – Lietava and Lietavská Svinná. You can also get to both of these villages by bus, so if you don’t have the opportunity to go by car, it is okay. In the village of Lietava, it is necessary to get off at the bus stop called Lietava – Majer and then follow the blue tourist signs.

In the village of Lietavská Svinná, there is a bus stop in the village centre, which is called Lietavská Svinná – OcÚ. From here, you follow the green tourist sign.

For those who go by car, there is a reserved parking lot in the village of Lietava. We chose the ascent that starts in Lietavská Svinná, and we left the car parked next to the local cultural house.

the tourist sign with directions

The centre of Lietavská Svinná cannot be overlooked. You will see several buildings around you, according to which you can orient yourself. Specifically, there is a church, a culture house, a municipal office and a fire station. Right next to the church there is a tourist sign, the photo of which you can see above.

We continued on the way around the church, where we could see the House of Memories on our left hand, which already fascinated us from a distance. As we passed it, a few meters we turned right onto a slightly ascending path.

The House of Memories - Lietavska Svinna

Which path to choose?

As we walked along the slightly ascending road, we noticed a green tourist sign on the tree, so we did not hesitate to turn onto the road, which started with a few concrete steps and then bridged onto a forest path. However, turning was a huge mistake for us as beginner tourists. We slowly got to a very steep forest road, which was also muddy and especially slippery due to the persistent rains.

If we continued straight, we would take relatively straight and not so muddy path, although it would take a little longer. Therefore, if you are not experienced tourist, do not turn left and continue straight. If you are brave enough, you can try a more challenging path.

road to Lietava Castle

We did it! Finally at the castle!

It was a tough journey, but at last, the walls of the castle and, in addition, the enchanting view began to appear in front of us. Since the castle is currently under maintenance and we have seen people working on its elevation everywhere, we were hesitant to go or not to go in. We said to ourselves that once we had completed that exhausting journey all the way here, we had to go in and take a good look at the castle. In addition to the beautiful view, we also visited the exhibition, which is dedicated to the history of Lietava Castle, archaeological finds and firearms. At the entrance to the exhibition, we also had the opportunity to buy a small souvenir and exchange a few words with very nice employees.

How we got lost on our way back

I have already told you about how difficult, steep and slippery the journey to the castle was for us. That’s why we decided to try the second way down the road. In the picture below you can see two roads – on the right a steep road that we went to the castle and on the left a road that was easier, not so steep and was much drier.

road to Lietava Castle

At first, it looked great. We knew we were going right, as other people were walking a few meters in front of us, so we practically followed them all the way. And that was exactly the second mistake we made on our trip. At one point we had to turn elsewhere, but in the hope that their final destination is where ours is, we went in the same direction. When we arrived at the parking lot in the village of Lietava, we realized that we were going in the opposite direction and we had to go back 2 kilometres.

The lesson is not to blindly follow anyone, because their goal may be completely different from yours. Spontaneous trips like this are great, but you always need to plan or look at something in advance – for example, the route. However, I do not take any of this tragically, because it is another one in the collection of great experiences.

And finally, one special bonus for our readers – Lietava Castle captured from the plane by Matej.

Lietava Castle from the plane

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