How I (almost) died…

This article is about making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but also about one specific magical and I tkink very well-known place, in a small village called Súľov. 🙂

I am sure you´ve heard, that bad decisions make good stories, but it is not always this way. Now, I am going to tell you a story, which is an example of this phrase. One day, during the summer holidays, a crazy idea came to my and my very good friend´s mind. We decided to sleep over in the outlook in Súľov which is called “Zraková pyramída”. Are you asking what it is? And why do people call this construction simply “Zrakovka”?

It is 18 metred long wooden construction, and its shape reminds ray of light. This whole untraditional and original building cost approximately 10 000€ and estimated life span of this outlook is 5 years. It is not used only for something like a cinema in the nature but also like a shelter that protects tourists from rain and it is also very special place for one-night stay. 

Actually, we thought that this would be great idea during one warm sunny day. We packed a lot of food, drinks, sleeping-bags and our adventurous trip could start. Súľov is not  very far away from my hometown, so we went there by bicycles. Way there is incredibly magical. We passed by several turns, which were surrounded by unusually shaped rocks. I must say that Súľov is very special for its nature and have many things to offer. But I will describe them in another article. 

The way to the otlook is not very easy to find. When you get to the house of culture, you pass by small ale-house or bar and then you go still straight up to the meadow. You don´t need to turn somewhere, it is about 20 minutes walking uphill. And now back to our adventurous story. 


When we came there and unpacked our things, we made a fire, ate something and we enjoyed every sound around us. We also left a message in a visit book. You find it on the left side of the outlook and also fireplaces are all around it. Don´t forget to blow out the fire and my second advice is to look for the weather forecast to make sure that the weather will be really good. Likewise, visiting the outlook is better during the week, because it is full of tourists and noise at the weekends. We chose Thursday. Our plan was to wake up early to see the sunrise and go back as soon as possible because we didn´t want to meet tourist in the early morning with our dirty unwashed and swollen faces. But their surprised faces would worth seeing. We fell asleep quite late but we woke up after the first ringing of our alarm. We were lying in a silence when we heard something strange. 

Súľov is well-known because of its beautiful nature, magnificent rocks, but also because of the wild animals. Bears, red hins, wild boars or badgers were seen not once. At first, we thought that some grizzly is going to eat us. We immediately jumped, grabbed our bikes and went to the back of the otlook. Bikes were something like our shields. We were waiting… Nothing… We really don´t know what it could be, but we were scared to death. When we realized that the otlook is lying not on the ground but little bit up, we felt relief. Our brains were not up totally, so we didn´t realize it at first. It was like we were in a sleeping mode so it was for us very funny after few minutes, Wind was playing a game with the branches of the trees probably. Unfortunately, the sunrise was´n better than the sunset but on the other hand I still think, that this trip was the biggest adventure of my summer. 

I still love to come back to this place. I cannot count how many times I have been there already. This place is magical in every season. In my opinion, the most beautiful was it during the autumn when all the leaves where so colourful. Despite that, I have seen there the most stunning sunset during the summer. Winter here is waiting for me this year (I hope). So I hope you won´t let go the opportunity to see this place. 

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