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Hello to our web readers and today I especially say hello to everybody to LOVES GOOD FOOD! 

And why do I mention food? I will reveal it to you right now. Today, I prepared an article mainly about the review of a restaurant called Tiffany Favorite Food and SpezaX Caffee, which I visited during spring holidays. 

Spring holidays. A week, which is supposed to be full of relax from school but most of the time it looks different. Students often have to do million things and so much homework that our teachers prepared for us in case we were bored, am I right? At least, that was my case last year. I was stuck at home all week with writing my essays on computer. Woow. The holidays I have always dreamed of. But on Wednesday me and my friends thought: ,,Stop! I am fed up with schoolwork at home, holidays should be also about discovering new places and going on trips.” And that’s what we did. 

We looked on a map of Slovakia and chose our destination. We decided to visit the metropolis of Central Slovakia – Banská Bystrica.


I have been to Banská Bystrica twice already. I have to admit that I was always only on the main square – SNP. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to explore this beautiful city that lies in the heart of Slovakia more. Although, I think only positively. At least I have another reason to come back.

Don’t know about you but I adore food. Me and my friends have this tradition of discovering popular restaurants and cafés for tourists on internet before we visit a certain city. After recommendation of my good friend, we decided to give a try to the extraordinary SpezaX Caffee.

Some of you are maybe wondering why is SpezaX Caffee so special. The first answer has to be the unusual design inside and sitting!

In almost every café, people can sit on comfortable couches and chairs but this caffeteria is original in a way you would not expect! Customers can enjoy their coffee or lemonade in an unconventional position – on a swing! I have to admit that I was afraid to drink coffee in this position because in my case the coffee would probably end on my T-shirt rather than in my stomach so I chose the traditional way of sitting. My friend didn’t have this problem and that’s how one visit in café became the experience we will think about for a long time.

Way of sitting is not the only thing, which makes this café bar different from others. They offer various choices of fresh lemonades and some new treats in form of Choco Kebab and Selfiecinno.

Choco Kebab is a high caloric treat, which attracts lots of tourists. Choco Kebab is prepared from authentic Italian chocola and fresh fruit. Tell me, do you know better combination? And if you want to try coffee with our own design, don’t forget to order selfieccino. Thanks to selfieccino your drink will look unique and original!

At the end I would like to add my ratings and summarize everything I liked and disliked about the SpezaX Caffee. 

  • during summer season you can sit on terrace outside
  • division of café into smoking and non-smoking area
  • pleasant surroundings and environment
  • interesting sitting on swings
  • unusual range of choice – Choco Kebab, coffee with your own design called Selfieccino
  • kind and helping staff

I rate SpezaX Caffee with 5/5 stars because I can´t really find anything unpleasant or wrong about this place. 

Another restaurant where we decided to satisfy our hunger was Tiffany Favorite Food, which we discovered by accident 😀

Tiffany Favorite Food is a modern and stylish restaurant where you will feel like in some American fast – food. After the arrival we were fascinated about the space, the way it was designed and decorated. Me and my friends tried burger menu, which consists of burger, side dish, souce and drink only for 5,40€! Burger wasn’t that big but after we ate everything we were so full we couldn’t move   You can choose the side dish from many options. For example: vegetables salad, baked potatoes and I recommend barbacue souce to you, which perfectly filled the taste of burger. I think that for every student with low budget is Tiffany Favorite Food perfect choice and I will definitely come back in the future. Still, I haven’t tried the zucchini fritters and grilled ribs. 

At the end I will rate Tiffany Favorite Food with 4/5 stars. 


  • modern and stylish surroundings
  • great place to visit with couple of friends
  • wide range of meals (sweet, salt pancakes, salads, zucchini fritters, burgers, grilled ribs…)
  • wide range of menu (for example: convenient burger or schnitzel menu)
  • suitable prices


  • badly situated, it took us a while to realize where exactly is this restaurant located – we had to go through another restaurant, which was quite confusing
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