A little piece of Mexico in the heart of Žilina

Hello travellers! Today I want to show you one place, where you can eat if you visit one of the most beautiful cities in Slovakia – Žilina. Žilina is our hometown, that’s why we finally decided to have a closer look at it. Of course, we start with a food, because it’s the most important part of every trip!

Burger and fries = good choice

If you have a hunger-struck and you don’t want to waste too much money on it, hamburger or (and) fries are always a good idea. Fast, tasty and for an acceptable price. The only disadvantage is that this type of food is not the healthiest one, but if you don’t eat it every day, it won’t hurt.

An eating spot we chose for our lunch was Chilteco, located in the centre of Žilina, not far from shopping centre Aupark. This place has a specific interior tuned into the style of Mexico and also the atmosphere is very pleasant. Chilteco’s offer more than just burgers but also burritos or fries with variety of different sauces. There is also a wide range of bottled drinks which are available in two types – iced or normal.

Recycling rules the world

In past years, not only people but also restaurants started to realise how important it is to deal with waste, which is produced in tons on daily basis. Chilteco also behaves in a very conscious way and that’s why they created a corner for recyclation. After you are finished with your meal, you can go and separate the waste you created. Also there are special containters for forks and knifes.

I really appreciate this idea, because it doesn’t just help the nature, but it also spreads this nice idea to others.

Place for many opportunities

As I’ve already said, Chilteco is one of the places in Žilina, where you can fill your hungry stomach very fast but it still tastes well. But lunch is not the only type of visit you can make to Chilteco. The reason why I went here was way different – I together with my friends celebrated birthday of one of us there and have some good food with it. Because of the opening hours you can also have a dinner there.

Opening hours

Sunday – Thursday 11:00 – 22:00

Friday and Saturday 11:00 – 01:00


Our choice of food and feedback

As is shown by a photo above, we had burgers and now it’s time to rate them.

,,When I visited Chilteco for the firts time I had just fries without a burger. When I was there for the second time, I realised what I’ve missed before. I chose a cheeseburger and despite the fact, that when I finished the eating I was full, my taste buds wanted more.“

I asked my friends about ther opinions as well:

,,It was tasty, big enough and well flavoured.“

,,I was in Chilteco twice. I had a burger, which was very tasty and the meat was amazing! I am not an expert in burgers, I haven’t tried them in many places, but in my opinion it was delicious. The cheese melted on my tongue and a big plus for me was a salat cucumber, not a pickled one. The sauce we had with fries combined with burger was awesome. Also the price is suitable for how big it is, so I’m absolutely satisfied!“


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